Simon J. Ortiz

Geboren 1941 in Acoma (Stamm der Pueblo in New Mexico), lebt in Santa Fe. (1993)

Werke (Auswahl)

From Sand Creek.


From Sand Creek

Aus: Simon J. Ortiz . From Sand Creek.

At the Salvation Army 
a clerk caught me 
among old spoons 
and knives, 
sweaters and shoes. 

I couldn't have stolen anything; 
my life was stolen already. 

In protest though, 
I should have stolen. 
My life. My life. 

She caught me; 
Carson caught Indians, 
secured them with his lies. 
Bound them with his belief. 

After winter, 
our own lives fled. 

I reassured her 
what she believed. 
Bought a sweater. 

And fled. 

I should have stolen. 
My life. My life.

So, 23.05.93, 11:00

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