Joey Goebel (US)

Joey Goebel, born in 1980 in Henderson, Kentucky. He studied English and Creative Writing. His novels have been translated into fourteen languages. He lives as a writer, punk musician and English Literature teacher in Henderson. (2019)

Werke (Auswahl)

Macadam Cage, 2009

Torture the Artist.
Macadam Cage, 2004

The Anomalies.
Macadam Cage, 2003

Übersetzungen (Auswahl)

Irgendwann wird es gut.
Übersetzt von Hans M. Herzog.
Diogenes Verlag, 2019

Ich gegen Osborne.
Diogenes Verlag, 2013

Diogenes Verlag, 2009

Diogenes Verlag, 2006

Diogenes Verlag, 2005


Irgendwann wird es gut

Diogenes Verlag, 2019

People who fight for their piece of happiness, who would rather bail out of Kentucky at once, who fall down and get up again: A young man waits for his beloved with two drinks. She arrives promptly – on television. A twelve-year old girl doesn’t want to grow up too quickly and a hoarder finds his way back into life thanks to a pretty woman who might be even sadder than he is.

Aus: Irgendwann wird es gut. Übersetzt von Hans M. Herzog. Diogenes Verlag, 2019

As was his sacrament, as six o’clock approached, Anthony Dent prepared a whisky and water for both himself and the woman with whom he was in love, though he had yet to meet her. This week it was Early Times Kentucky Whisky. He set her glass next to the TV, then took his usual seat on the brown couch he had bought at the Salvation Army thrift store.
A moment later, there she was, radiating beauty across the gloom of his shabby apartment with its bare walls and coffee-stained carpet.

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Irgendwann wird es gut / I Know It's Going to Happen for You Someday
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